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Key to the Moon
Moon Key
Use Allows entry to the afterlife
Door The moon
Creator Harland Locke
Issues 2

This key allows the user to open the moon, as though the moon itself was a door. You can pass into the door taking you to a "backstage" of the world, passing into the afterlife gently.


This key is forged and used in the side story Locke and Key: Guide to the Known Keys. In the story a generation of the Locke family has a sick child Ian who cannot be healed by the mending cabinet. The child is taken to the moon by balloon as though the world is a stage and passes gently to the next world.


With the introduction of this key into the mythos the reader is given a chance to see a softer side to the harshness of the story. Also as a bonus the attached "Guide" gives the readers a look at each key and the story behind each individual key.

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