Golden Age #1
Release Date November 23, 2011
Writer Joe Hill
Art Gabriel Rodriguez
Colors Jay Fotos
Letters Robbie Robbins
Editing Chris Ryall
Next Locke & Key: Golden Age #2

"Open the Moon" is the main story here, set in 1912. The issue also features a guide to the known keys.


Chamberlin Locke is raising a sick son in Keyhouse. He's desperately trying to heal him, but even the Mending Cabinet won't help. Chamberlin then decides to make the Key to the Moon and rent an airballoon. Together with his son and Harland Locke.

Together they soars all the way up to the moon, where Chamberlin uses the key on it to open it up. Behind it's like a backstage scene. From here the view is even better and they can see all sorts of places, even china. Ian reveals that he's been feeling like his head is unusually heavy, but not anymore.

Eventually, Chamberlin's father, Clint Locke shows up to introduce himself to Ian. Then a bunch of other Locke family members show up as well, including Benjamin Locke. As Chamberlin tell Ian that he'll be staying here, and it'll be better for him than down on earth, Harland slowly grow younger.

Chamberlin then leaves in the balloon, crying.


  • Starting on page 7, all frames set in or close to the moon is colored differently to give the comic a more dream-like appearance.