Crown of Shadows #2
Release Date December 16, 2009
Writer Joe Hill
Art Gabriel Rodriguez
Colors Jay Fotos
Letters Robbie Robbins
Editing Chris Ryall
Previous Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #1
Next Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #3

Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #2 is the fourteenth issue of the series.


At school, Tyler Locke is talking to Jordan Gates about their homework. Since she has not finished it, he decides to give her the file he's written based on the book he pushed into his head in the previous issue. In another part of the schoolyard, Scot Kavanaugh shows up to talk to Kinsey Locke and tell her about her father's name written down in Drowning Cave. He agrees to show her.

The two, along with Jamal Saturday and Jackie Veda head into the cave later that day. After crossing a wired fence they find a big room with a ledge and a downward stairway. Unfortunately, the room is flooded past Rendell's name. So Kinsey and Scot get into the water while Jackie and Jamal stay behind. Kinsey finds the writing on the wall. But meanwhile, a rat attacks and startles Jamal, making him fall down the stairs, pulling them and Jackie with him. They are now all trapped in the water with no way up.

They manage to push Jackie and Scot up to the girders under the ledge, but they aren't strong enough to support Kinsey and Jamal While talking, Jamal convinces Kinsey to give him a kiss. After that they notice that neither of them are stuttering anymore and they are having trouble staying above the surface. They decide to pull Jackie's girder down, and the ledge with it.

Since the ledge is still attached on the one side, they can climb up into freedom. Once they're all safe and leaves, Scot tosses a glow sticks into the water, and the reader is shown the broken text on the wall before it sinks to the bottom and reveals a dead body underneath a pile of rocks.


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