The Children of Leng are the demons whose world is only accessible through the Black Door.

They are reportedly "drawn" through the Black Door when it is opened, but after crossing, require a human host to survive. Prospective hosts must look through the gate, and as such can be protected by keeping their eyes closed. The Children of Leng that are unable to find a human host quickly die and turn to Whispering Iron.[1]

When a demon ties itself to a human soul, it is considered "another kind of key".[2].

The "infection" of a Child of Leng is of the host's soul rather than their mind, and as such can not be removed with the Head Key.[3] While being infected, the host feels good, though they often lie to try to convince others that they have rejected the demon.[4][1]

After being infected, the only known way to separate the Child of Leng and the human soul is through using the Alpha Key, which "unlocks" the demon from the soul, killing it. Since the demon dies inside the person, it kills the human as well, by turning to Whispering Iron inside the body.[5]


The Child of Leng with the most prominent influence on Earth was the demon known as Dodge, who infected the soul of Lucas Caravaggio in 1988.[4]

Characteristics of Infected PersonsEdit

The host's eyes often change to a yellow, slit-eye pupil unless hiding.