Candice Whedon
Cause of Death
Neck broken by Dodge
Ellie Whedon (daughter, deceased)
Rufus Whedon (grandson)

Candice Whedon was the mother of Ellie Whedon, and the grandmother of Rufus Whedon.


Candice was a bitter woman for most of her life and she's never shown without a cigarette.


As early as 1988, she is shown verbally harassing her daughter Ellie. Her and Lucas Caravaggio are also joking about killing her. Candice also advices Ellie that "Gil Farmington, down at the Shell Station" would be a better man than Luke.

A little before Thanksgiving, one year before the start of the comic, Candice bullies her daughter and Rufus so much that Ellie finally decides to kill her. She summons Dodge in the Wellhouse, whom breaks her neck. Ellie then brings her to the hospital, but it's too late. Her death is blamed in the slippery stairs.

Later, Daniel Mutuku finds out that her death seems like murder, and that it may be by the same person whom murdered Sam Lesser.

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