Angel Key
Angel Key
First Seen
Use Use the Angel wings
Creator Benjamin Locke
Issues 4


The key was used by the Locke children to escape the clockwork owls.[1] It was also used by Rendell Locke and his group of friends.

Power DescriptionEdit

Angel Key wings
The Angel key consists of a harness with a large pair of white wings, with the key fitting into the back. Wearing the wings allows the user to fly and carry a considerable amount of weight.

Guide to the known keys entryEdit

(translated from German thanks to hideousenergy)
"Oh my God. Oh my God! At dawn I was outside looking for little Joe. There was a storm and it was pouring rain. Everything seemed sick and unreal to me – like in a nightmare. I ran and ran, totally desperate, and I didn't give a fuck what he was telling Jean about me. If he was dead I wanted to die as well. And then I saw something unbelievable – something that could not actually be in existence, and my knees went soft from surprise and wonderment. I saw Jean fly upwards through the rain, her brother's shattered body in her arms. She carried the harness with her wings, and in the back was the key. I swear she was flying! And she looked as beautiful as a mourning dove."